RA-Aus new constitution and a change to the way we do business

On 13 May very early in the morning I departed Darwin for Canberra via Sydney. I was attending for probably the last time a meeting of RA-AUS as a board member. A proposed change in the organisation’s constitution would see a reduction in board members as the organisation transitioned to a new company structure. With a change of this magnitude it was important that the communications were accurate, frequent and two-way. They were.

The weekend beginning on Friday evening was filled with meetings and gatherings of both an informal and formal nature. With the required votes gathered at the general meeting to usher in the constitutional change I am happy that the organisation is heading in the right direction. It has been an honour to serve on this board during a period of change that has been for the better of the organisation.  I created a little Adobe Spark video about the event for those who don’t like reading…

L-R Me, Spencer Ferrier, Michael Monck and Paul Middleton

I look forward to providing support especially in the e-learning field as a regular member of RA-AUS. You can read the official RA-Aus communication on the event here

Apart from catching up with the great team from the office and the other board members I was honoured to be able to have a chat to both Spencer and Middo who along with the likes of Rod and Eugene have either been there from the beginning contributing to the positive changes in this organisation.

Board meeting in progress

The constructive work that has been carried out on the technical, operations, safety, governance and administration fronts within the office not to mention communication and learning management systems is nothing short of amazing. The team is strong, motivated and making a constructive difference to our organisation.

The positive changes that will permit aircraft owners to safely modify their aircraft within a compliance and governance structure is going to increase the safety of those aircraft.

I include a small “aerial view” of the board room meetings, planning and setup for the general meeting. As you can see it is a full on effort to bring all of this together.

Staff briefing the board

To Rod, Eugene, the two Eds, Trevor, Mick, Tony, Don, Barry, Mike, Teresa and Frank – thank you and also thank you to everyone who has allowed me to be part of this journey.

Now member 246 is signing off.




Providing a briefing on the Learning Management System

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