Meal Survey – Captain of Boats

We have two options for the meal to be served at the Captain of Boats Event on the 14th of September 6:30pm – 10pm at the William Angliss Institute. Could you select your preference by completing the form? The actual meal options for the canapés, starter, main and dessert are below to aid you in your choice of meal type. Once you have completed the form, it will vanish but you can download a PDF version of the menu at the bottom of this page.

STOP PRESS – The menu below is for Semester One… It looks great, but will change for Semester 2 – So you only need to answer the first two questions.

Captain of Boats Meal Survey

Captain of Boats Meal Survey

Please select just three, and of course parents and rowers can submit their preference.
V = Vegetarian GF = Gluten Free NF = Nut Free
Please select 2 choices - these will be alternately served at the tables, meaning whichever dish you get, the person sitting next to you gets the other choice... of course you can swap.
Please just choose one from the dessert selection.
This is just so we can get an idea how many are attending, if other members of your family/group have different choices, just have each person fill out the form indicating 1 person.


Once we have gathered the results from the survey, we will post the menu along with more details.

Should you have any special dietary requirements, Angliss Restaurant will aim to meet your needs wherever possible. Please be aware that at least 7 business days notice is required to accommodate special dietary requirements, including vegetarian requirements.

To view and download the PDF with menu and location details, Function Details and Menu – William Angliss

Location of the event:

William Angliss Institute
Angliss Restaurant
550 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
t   +61 3 9606 2108 | f   +61 3 9606 2350

The Angliss Restaurant is located on Little Lonsdale and can be reached by tram and train.