Pilots, Planes and Boats – What Gives?

My name is Mark Christie, currently on long service leave from my position of Director, eLearning Systems for the NT Department of Education to support our family during Year 11 and 12 at Melbourne High School.

I am an ultralight pilot, I love flying small planes up in the Northern Territory. My son is in Year 11 at Melbourne High School and he rows for the school. Having a website to promote both the rowing fraternity, its events and the great efforts the boys go to in their training and races is important. Normally the pilotographer site would be dedicated to photographs of aeroplanes or scenes like the ones below.

While Joe goes through Year 11 and 12, my focus has shifted away from my hobby to Joe’s rowing, and supporting the fraternity. Although I could establish a website domain, the problem is that the fraternity is a parent driven volunteer organisation with no promise of a parent with website skills to assist in the maintenance of the site going forward.

So, I have kept the domain name the same and simply changed the content. At the end of Joe’s time at Melbourne High, he might, as an old boy choose to provide support to the fraternity by establishing a website, complete with a MHSrowing.com.au domain (or something similar) so the stories can continue and we can take advantage of technology.

All proceeds on this site (until it reverts in late 2019 to its original purpose) will be directed to the Melbourne High School rowing fraternity.